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Montana Grassroots will no longer have a newsletter. That newsletter has been privatized under new and completely seperate ownership and management. Montana Grassroots is not a political organization, but is in existance for one purpose only, and that is to act as a marketing arm to boost the local economy! All local entrepreneurs are truely welcome here!

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The newsletter formerly entitled "Montana Grassroots is changing it's name and ownership. It has been brought to the attention of the editors that some of the columns that have been printed in the newsletter may be giving the people of Lincoln County the wrong idea about the Montana Grassroots Co-op.
The Montana Grassroots Co-op. was formed basically as a marketing arm, enabling the average entrepreneur in Lincoln County to market their products and services to the outside world, in an effort to stabilize the county's economy by brining in outside money.
The newsletter is now going to be a completely seperate entity under the name of "The Tobacco Valleys' Alternative News". Those articles will no longer be a part of this website, nor do they neccessarily represent the views of the webmaster or participants of this website. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter please follow the instructions below.
The editors of the newsletter state in their publication that they will try to bring you the news that most other local papers will not print, and they believe that it is news that should be printed. The newsletter will now be printed monthly and will be a for proffit business just like any other business whose advertising is on this website. Existing subscriptions will be honored.
If you wish to subscribe contact the editors at P.O. Box 816, Eureka, MT 59917 The rates are $15.00 per year delivered to your mailbox.

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This website is the property of Lincoln County Montana Grassroots Co-Operative, a Non profit corporation based in Eureka Montana specializing in value added packaging and marketing of products locally grown and manufactured by the citizens of Lincoln County Montana. We ask that you:
  1. Bookmark this site and return often since our stock of "Stuff" changes from day to day.
  2. Let people know the address of this site,
    so they too may save by doing business with the member-producers who are the owners of our Co-op. 

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