Welcome to the home of Bunny's Country Kitchen, where you can find the best Jams, Jellies, Syrups and Toppings in all of Montana.
Huck and Berry Huck and Berry
Berry Berry: "Huckleberry pickers wear tennis shoes."
HuckHuck: "Why?"
Berry: "To outrun the bears."
  "It’s the Bear truth, people go to great risk, in the Montana Backcountry, to bring you these fine Montana Grown All-Natural Foods."
Gift something Berry special to your friend from the frontier of Montana.
Montana Tree  Dancing Bear Montana Tree
All berries are hand picked and all items are home made by Bunny's Country Kitchen. "There's always something cookin'"
  Item Number  Item Size Price
Syrups: 1 **Bumbleberry 13oz $7.00
  2 Chokecherry 13oz $6.00
Jams: 3 Huckleberry 10oz $7.00
  4 **Bumbleberry 10oz $6.50
  5 Misc Fruit Jams 10oz $5.00
Jellies: 6 ***Chuckleberry 10oz $6.00
  7 Raspberry 10oz $6.00
  8 Chokecherry 10oz $5.00
  9 Old Fashioned Apple Butter 10oz $4.00
  10 *Lemon Curd (Refrigerate) 10oz $5.00
Pie Fillings 12 Green Tomato Mince Meat 32oz $10.00
Toppings: 13 Huckleberry 12oz $8.00
  14 Caramel Sauce 10oz $5.00
Mexican Salsa: 15 Hot, Medium or Mild 12oz $3.50
Other: 16 Huckleberry Vinegar 13oz $6.95
  17 Raspberry Vinegar 13oz $6.50
  18 Caramels, Chocolate or Vanilla 1 lb. $11.00
  19 Homemade Soap (assorted scents) 4oz (approx.) $3.50
 * Special Request Item.
 ** Bumbleberry is a delightful blend of huckleberries, apples, strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries.
 *** Chuckleberry = Huckleberry & Chokecherry blend.
 Call for more information on Gift packs, Mixed Cases and Special Orders.
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Montana food Purveyor License: #6546F
Prices effective: 12/25/99 and are subject to change.


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